How Does Your Garden Grow?

No silver bells or pretty maids but there are lots of hot peppers! It’s May Day and everything I had planned to put in the garden is already there. That’s definitely a first. Two years ago I was scurrying to get as much planted as I could the first weekend in May before Daniel and I left for Memphis to go to Memphis in May. Last year was 3 weeks pre-wedding so that’s pretty much a blur and I really don’t remember what I had planted but it wasn’t anywhere near being finished since it never did get finished all summer.

I tried to prepare as much as possible in advance this year. I spent evenings at Tanglewood with my map of the gardens and many cold afternoons on my couch with my seed catalogs and some new gardening books.

This year we did a major over-haul l even bigger than we did the year’s before. We didn’t double the square footage like we did every other year. In fact it’s a bit smaller. But we did move the beds in the back yard to the side of the house so that they will all be together and we’re planning to add a nice little picket fence around it all to keep out the critters and the hooligans. We have already had a problem with someone helping themselves to our pile of dried bamboo that I plan on making trellises with. What is WITH people?

Despite the rocky start to the trellises I have high hopes for the garden this year! We are having some additional guttering and a downspout added to the middle of the side of the house so we can have an extra rain barrel and I’ve added some drip irrigation lines. Hopefully it will help us combat any crazy hot, dry weather we might have like last year.

This is what we have planted this year:

Bed #1 (4’x10′)
–Lots of Lettuce
–Some Cabbage from the neighbor
–4 Cucumbers (2 pickling 2 slicing)
–2 Zucchini
–1 Yellow Squash
–2 Giant Jalapeño
–2 Regular Jalapeño
–Random peppers from our friend Matthew that I lost the label for and don’t remember what it is. So let’s call it pepper surprise
–Lots of Dill

Bed #2 (2’x10′)
–2 Rows of Strawberries (We’ve already harvested a few!

Bed #3 (Maybe 3.5’x20 who the heck knows. It’s cinder blocks. It’s slightly ghetto. But there are marigolds planted in the wholes in the cinder blocks for a nice border. Anyway…)
–1 Pumpkin
–2 Watermelons
–5 Tomatoes (for canning, not slicing)
–2 Soy Beans (for edamame)
–Huge Oregano
–Lots of Basil
–Green Onions
–Yellow Onions

–2 Blackberry Bushes
–2 Blueberry Bushes
–1 Raspberry Bush (the 2nd died)
–Big Lemongrass Bunch

I’m probably missing some things but I think it will be a pretty good variety and I’m looking forward to doing lots of harvesting and canning and EATING this summer!

Author: TheVirtue

I'm a procrastinator and a busy bee just trying to focus and simplify my life. I hang out with my wonderful husband, dog and cat, knit, sew, bake, garden and overthink everything all while I'm busy growing a person.

2 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. I have to say congratulations on your blueberries! Tell me your secrets. They seem impossible to grow. Any secrets?


    1. No secrets over here, haha. Our one remaining blueberry bush has not done very well so far this year. We keep trying to find a new bush to replace the other one that died but no luck finding one in stock at the co-op so far. Our Raspberry bushes, on the other hand, have gone CRAZY this year!


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