It’s not about how you vote. It’s about how you love.

We have been focusing on on the election for the past few weeks at Vintage Fellowship. “What?” you ask, “Isn’t that against the law?” No, we are not in danger of losing our tax-exempt status by endorsing candidates from the pulpit. We don’t even have an actual pulpit. If we all believed the same things politically, then what kind of true representation of the Body of Christ would that be?  NOT a true one is my opinion. Also boring. We have people voting all over the place at Vintage and, you know what? I have not been tempted even for half a second to delete any of them from Facebook in the past 6 months. Not even Matthew who keeps sending me links to really, really scary horror movie trailers and telling me “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.” But that’s neither here nor there.

Do you know WHY I haven’t been tempted to delete them from Facebook? Because I have not seen a single ugly, hateful thing posted berating candidates or the people who plan to vote for them. I have seen passion. I have seen anger and hurt.  But no ugly. Not once did anyone from my Vintage family pop up on my FB feed questioning the Faith of others based on who they intend to vote for. There was no “You’re not a real Christian if you don’t want to ban abortion.” No “JESUS would want universal healthcare, so you must not really love Jesus if you don’t support it.”

Because it’s not about how you vote. It’s about how you love.

We have made 3 pledges in the past 3 weeks as a Church.

heartHEART: I will care more about what people think of Jesus than my candidate or party. I will focus on what is right, admirable, and praise-worthy in the candidates.

lipsLIPS: I will speak with grace and kindness about every candidate. I will refuse to engage in rumor, sarcasm, name-calling, or lies.

handHANDS: I will do what I can to show love in tangible ways that no politician or party can.

Because each person you see on your ballot tomorrow (or you saw already when you voted early) and each celebrity personality talking about it on their show is a child of God.

  • Barack Obama? Child of God
  • Mitt Romney? Child of God
  • Nancy Pelosi? Child of God
  • Todd Akin? Child of God
  • Rachel Maddow? Child of God
  • Rush Limbaugh? Child of God

Each person who will be voting exactly opposite your choices is a child of God.

  • Republican
  • Democrat
  • Libertarian
  • Tea Party

You get my drift.

Stop and think about that and ask yourself if your behavior reflects that knowledge. Have you made sarcastic comments about them? Have you said derogatory things before checking to see if they were true first? Have you made sweeping statements about a group of people based on who they will be voting for? Have you shared a post or a status because you found it witty and funny (especially at the expense of others) without thinking about whether or not it furthered honest and open communication?

I have a challenge for you for Tuesday and in the days to come. Stop before you speak or post.  Stop and remind yourself that whoever you are aiming your comment at, whoever it is about, is a child of God.  Ask yourself, “Am I showing love? Is what I am about to share appropriate to say about a fellow child of God? Am I helping or hurting?”

Can you put the ugly aside for a few days? Or maybe even decide to drop it altogether from now on?

Romans 12:14–Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse


Author: TheVirtue

I'm a procrastinator and a busy bee just trying to focus and simplify my life. I hang out with my wonderful husband, dog and cat, knit, sew, bake, garden and overthink everything all while I'm busy growing a person.

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