29 Weeks and 4 days

6 Weeks and 3 days to go

Today I went in for the first of my twice-weekly Dr’s appointments. Driving from home to the Dr’s office was miserable. Moving around got my blood flowing, meaning it also got the toxins moving around and depositing all over my skin. Being away from my ice packs meant I thought I might scream from the effort not to scratch. I’m not really confident in the safety of me driving a car right now, honestly. That is not something they call out on any of the Cholestasis of Pregnancy websites I’ve come across so far.

The non-stress test on the baby took longer than usual because our little one is a squirmer. This is GREAT news! I’m supposed to do kick counts every day to make sure the baby isn’t suddenly having a drop in movement so confirming a very active baby was a big relief. Keeping track of movements is really the only way I have of knowing if the baby is doing ok in between Dr’s appointments when we get to check the heart rate. If we get a day with little or no movement we’ll have to hurry to get the baby on a monitor as it could mean distress.  That was, thankfully, not a problem today. On top of a wriggly baby who kept moving its heart away from the monitor, the little one also got the hiccups for 10 or 15 minutes while we were trying to track its heart rate today. I could see and feel my belly bouncing rhythmically with each hiccup and the heart rate monitor kept getting hiccups confused with heartbeats. It was sort of adorable. Eventually everything calmed down enough to get a good long reading and the baby passed its first non-stress test this week!

I was not so lucky and I could see the sympathy in my Dr’s eyes as I clawed at myself from the moment she walked in the room. She feels like I should be having more improvement in my symptoms by now so she upped my dosage of Urso and wrote a new RX for some steroids to hopefully get my itching under control. She also wanted to check my blood pressure again, even though the nurse already had. I think that’s always a bad sign. It wasn’t SCARY high but it was higher than she would like it to be so my BP has been added to the list of items we’ll be watching closely twice a week now. I also got my blood drawn again so in a few days we’ll find out if my acid levels are dropping and how quickly. In the meantime, she wants me to take it easy and keep my activity levels down. She didn’t put me on full-on bed rest but it looks like I’ll be working from my couch and sticking close to home “until further notice.”

Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow morning itch-free and Friday my levels will come back totally normal and I’ll be free to go about my life as usual. A girl can dream, right?

Author: TheVirtue

I'm a procrastinator and a busy bee just trying to focus and simplify my life. I hang out with my wonderful husband, dog and cat, knit, sew, bake, garden and overthink everything all while I'm busy growing a person.

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