30 Weeks and 4 days

5 Weeks and 3 Days to go

I have a new goal in life. That goal is to not set foot in Labor and Delivery again until it’s time to have a baby 5+ weeks from now. It’s a ridiculous goal to set since I have no real way of making it happen and I’ll just be disappointed and depressed if I take it seriously and then fail. But I’m just so very frustrated that I had to spend several hours there tonight after my regular Tuesday appointment.  On the plus side, when I’m up there and get labs I get results back before I am allowed to leave instead of having to wait days for them.

Tonight I found out that my liver levels are continuing to respond to the Urso and that they keep dropping. If it keeps up this pace, my AST levels just might be in the normal range next Tuesday! Probably not my ALT levels but give that two more weeks and that one might be down there as well. Last Tuesday they were only about 8 times what they should be as opposed to the 15 times normal on my first test the week before. Now, as with everything to do with Cholestasis, it’s always a cautious optimism. My numbers are dropping now, but they could spike back up any minute. No matter how low they get I will continue to be closely monitored 2 days a week until we hit that 36 week mark. I do feel better mentally about making it to 36 weeks now. Plus my itchiness is a little better and I have slept through the night several nights in a row now without getting up to put my feet in a bucket of ice cold water to numb them so I could get back to sleep.

But my Cholestasis and liver levels are not what sent me to Labor and Delivery today. My BP was elevated last week but today it was straight up HIGH. I knew something was up when my nurse took it 3 times and then my Dr came in to see me before they even started the non-stress test on the baby. She usually just comes in after that’s all done to talk about the results. And then they kept coming in the check on me. She poked at my ankles and confirmed that I am NOT swollen. I told her I have not been having headaches or floaters. There was no protein in my urine sample. All these things mean that I do not have a bunch of signs for pre-eclampsia.  Just the high blood pressure one. Up I was sent to the 2nd floor where L&D resides to sit on a fetal monitor and BP cuff for 2 hrs for a blood pressure series. I had forgotten my book so it was nice and boring. I mostly catnapped. They also went ahead and drew my labs there since the results come back more quickly than from sending them out downstairs from my Dr’s office. After my labs were back and my BP results were sent over to my Dr. she called and said I could go home, since both had dropped enough for her. That was great news since I did NOT want to spend another night in the Hospital!

I didn’t come home alone though. No. I came home with a giant jug to pee into for 24 hrs. A jug that then has to go into the fridge. I have a urine jug in my fridge RIGHT NOW. Hopefully the alleged scary ice storm we’re getting tomorrow will wait until after my 4pm Dr’s appointment to bring in my pee bottle and get some more blood drawn. I’m starting to look like a junkie with all my needle pokes. They’ll be checking my giant bottle of urine for protein to either diagnose or rule out pre-eclampsia. I’m going to be super honest here. I will be SO PISSED if I have Pre-E. I just want the Cholestasis to be the last issue. I’m done. All I wanted was to enjoy this pregnancy and then have a nice, med-free, natural birth. Instead I have been too sick to enjoy any of it. As soon as I think I might be feeling pretty good something else comes up. It’s just exhausting. I asked the Dr if this was related to the Cholestasis and she got the most sympathetic look on her face and said “No, it’s a completely different issue. I’m so sorry, you just can’t win, huh?” Ugh. I’ll say it again. This baby better not be a dud. I better not be going through all this trouble for a jerk baby. Or one that will grow up and be on Jerry Springer or something.

Ending on a happier note, the baby has been VERY active lately. Sometimes I make a weird noise and Daniel looks at me like I’m crazy because I’m trying to figure out exactly WHICH organ I just got kicked in. Unless it was my bladder. Then I KNOW there has been baby/bladder contact. My belly fairly swims these days. It’s so fun to watch it ripple as the baby adjusts. Daniel says it’s squirmy like me. I can never quite get comfortable so I fidget a lot. Also, a new revelation this evening. Apparently pregnancy makes me a sleep-kicker. Not only do I toss and turn like I have always done, I apparently have been thrashing about lately and kicking Daniel pretty hard in my sleep. He says it’s not like involuntary movement form my pregnancy restless leg. He seriously stops and thinks “WHAT is she dreaming about that she needs to kick something that hard?” My poor husband. But it’s still kind of funny.

Author: TheVirtue

I'm a procrastinator and a busy bee just trying to focus and simplify my life. I hang out with my wonderful husband, dog and cat, knit, sew, bake, garden and overthink everything all while I'm busy growing a person.

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