34 weeks even

3 weeks to go!

We have our official planned induction date. If all goes well, we will start the induction process on April 3rd. If the baby gets here the next day it will share a birthday with its twin cousins Miranda and Miley. They have informed me that, if it is born on their birthday, they “Will feed him birthday cake.” They have been brainwashed by their mama who has decided the baby is a boy.

Our Dr. is fantastic. I had a less-than-satisfactory experience last Friday with a different Dr. in the practice. I was there for 4 hours total. After 2 hrs on the fetal monitor (this usually takes half an hour tops) she finally sent me to have another Biophysical Profile without ever coming in to see me. I really didn’t feel like anything was wrong but I am, of course, happy to have whatever check we need to make sure the baby is safe. Ah, the irony of our big plan to only have the two ultrasounds turning into 5….so far.  I have resigned myself that I have ended up being one of the special cases that actually does need to have more than just the minimum, but I really feel like a Dr should come and talk to a patient if she is worried something is wrong with their baby and not just send them willy nilly off to have extra tests. I never did even see her.

This is the same Dr who went right to “I’ll be happy to get two more weeks out of you” when we were in the hospital being diagnosed with Cholestasis of Pregnancy at 29 weeks. She seems to go straight to the worst possible scenario while our Dr. seems a little more positive. She definitely explains things much better and makes sure I know what’s gong on.  She sat with me for my entire NST on Tuesday and we talked about how things have been going and what next steps are.  She feels comfortable with my liver levels and bile acids and has decided that we can have an extra week so the baby can bake for 37 weeks rather than 36.

We are VERY happy about this change in plans. We haven’t had many positive changes to our plans so far, so an extra week of growth with so much important development happening is music to our ears. That means we’ll be officially getting a full term baby and not a preemie! Of course, I wouldn’t complain too much if I went into labor on my own a few days shy of 37 weeks and got to totally avoid all this induction nonsense. 😉 But I’ll settle for the possibility that my body could be getting close to being ready to deliver and will tolerate the induction methods much better than if I was nowhere near ready.

Next up….DOULA love

Author: TheVirtue

I'm a procrastinator and a busy bee just trying to focus and simplify my life. I hang out with my wonderful husband, dog and cat, knit, sew, bake, garden and overthink everything all while I'm busy growing a person.

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