In which a giant baby terrifies me and my lady bits

Today we took dinner to our dear friends Sara and Jamal who brought home their sweet boy, Eli, this week.  This little dude is partly responsible for our little munchkin’s timing because Jamal was ever so slightly relentless in telling us to hurry up already so our kids would be in the same grade and we could be clueless first time parents together.  And they will and we will! Eli is a little stinker and flipped himself breech so his mama had to have a C-section earlier in the week to retrieve him.  Oh, and he was 10 pounds and 21 inches long.  O_O

I’m going to be perfectly honest here and admit that I was nervous to go see him because I was afraid his giant baby-ness would scare the crap out of me. And he did. Yup, just a little. He’s such a little sweetie but he is almost as big as I was when I was 6 months old! Daniel was apparently an enormous baby and quite barrel chested.  I do not approve. Neither do my lady bits. Since the moment I got the text with Eli’s stats on the day he was born I have been telling our baby that it better take after its mom.  Lots of the women in my April 2013 pregnancy group on The Bump have already been feeling their babies flutter around for a while so I have decided to convince myself that I haven’t felt anything yet because our baby is tiny and is going to stay that way!  Everyone just laughs at me. Hey, denial is a nice place to be when your friend just had a 10 pound baby.


Fundamorphosis–Without this book my kid wouldn’t exist

I cannot wait to read this book!

You can hear Robb talking about his journey out of fundamentalism and the book he wrote by downloading This Podcast of his radio interview on The Ragamuffin Show.

This journey that Robb took has shaped my life so greatly. My world would be completely unrecognizable if he hadn’t taken this journey that led him to a new kind of faith. Which led him to Fayetteville and the to creation of Vintage Fellowship.  If his journey had ended differently or had never begun, my faith would take a different shape than it does today. My friends would be different people. Most definitely not as talented and inspiring as the ones I have now.  I might not even still live in Fayetteville. I wouldn’t be married to my perfect match and best friend because we met and got to know each other through Vintage. Someone else would have our Sweetie Wheatie, and her name probably wouldn’t be Luna Lovegood.

How depressing would my life be without these two?

Even though Robb didn’t know it at the time and neither did I, the transformation that was going on in Robb’s world and in his heart are the reason I am who and where I am today. Basically, it’s my pastor’s fault I’m pregnant right now. I bet that brings in some interesting hits from Google.


Sabbathing even when you didn’t mean to

Boring post today because all I do is eat, whine about feeling crummy and sleep. I am clearly NOT blog-worthy but I said I’d actually do this National Blog Posting Month thing this year all the way through November and that means a lot of extra lame posts. Sorry in advance.

Usually we make it a point to do nothing on Sundays after church and lunch with friends.  We feel that we are called to take a day of rest for a reason and that it increases our productivity during the rest of the week to be recharged and rested.  Sometimes I still get things done during my Sabbath but it is usually something that inspires me or boosts my energy. Sometimes I just feel crafty and want to sew things so that’s how I’ll spend my Sabbath. That’s what I had planned for today. Well, that and making dog biscuits.  The problem is, for weeks now I have underestimated the amount of energy I go through on Sundays. Getting around and being at church early to set up the day’s kids church lesson and sometimes for Daniel to practice with the band followed by church and then eating out somewhere with friends really wears me out these days! The past couple of weeks I’ve come home and immediately fallen asleep. Last week I dozed on the couch for almost 5 hours while we had cheesy “scary” movies on in the background in honor of Halloween. Today I crashed on our new-to-us cozy recliner (Thanks Aunt Jan!) and was asleep before Daniel got back in from taking Luna outside.

Every time I plan on getting something done I end up sleepy or sick or something. So I give up. No more planning, at least for Sunday afternoons. Maybe I’ll feel super motivated tomorrow evening to get a lot of sewing done. I am SO close to finishing up the quilt I’m making for Daniel’s grandma for Christmas and I need to get a move on because I have so many more presents to make for this Christmas. But, for the next 25 weeks I will not be planning to do anything on Sundays other than relax. If I get an energy burst and want to get something done it will just  be a nice surprise. Otherwise I will not feel guilty anymore for not getting anything done on Sundays.


The Dr. and his Tardis

When I first started dating Daniel I would go over to his apartment to hang out and when I got there he would often be watching the cheesiest shows I had ever seen. One of them had some goofy guy with a magic flashlight or something who always saved the day against really goofy villains. I, of course, would make fun of him.

A funny thing happened after a few years.  Somehow he talked me into watching one of those goofy shows when the new season started. I was hooked from the first adventure of the Dr. with sweet Amy Pond.  Just like that, I gave in and entered the nerd-world of Dr. Who. I even went back and watched all of the episode with the previous 10th Doctor.

This year for Halloween I thought it would be great to dress up as something from this show that we both enjoy so much together. Instead of going with the standby of being one of the Dr’s and his companion I decided it would be extra fun to dress up as the Tardis. The Tardis is Dr. Who’s space ship. The Tardis (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) is the Dr.’s space ship. It is stuck in the shape of a 1960’s British Police Phone Box. I made my costume with some random blue fabric I had around the house. My hat even lit up, which I was pretty proud of.  I also made Daniel’s bow-tie. A feat that made us late for our Halloween party, but I finally got it down on the 2nd try.

The Tardis

Someday our little one will ask where babies come from  and I will say “One day Daddy pointed his Sonic Screwdriver at Mommy’s tummy and then some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff happened and there you were!”

We started talking about our costumes early this year so Daniel had plenty of time to start growing his hair out long to make a more convincing 11th Dr. I adore his commitment to authenticity and also, I dig the longer locks 🙂

Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but I feel pretty shmoopy about our costume choice. It was great to dress up in a couples costume that reflected something we both really enjoy and I had a lot of fun sewing for both.

Happy Halloween!

How to prepare for your pregnancy announcement a year and a half in advance.

I am a procrastinator, it’s true, but I am also a planner. I have compiled my 9 easy steps to preparing for your pregnancy announcement a year and a half (or more) in advance. Why not 10? Because there are only 9, that’s why.

It’s easy, really.

  1. Get engaged.
  2. Make an appointment with  a photographer for engagement photos. We used Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer Cherron of Raining Light Photography. We chose the Dickson Street Bookshop as our main location because we both love books and spent many a Saturday afternoon being adorable and giggly in those stacks while we were dating.
  3. Take photos with as many funny titles as you can find.  Book category labels work too, “This way to Horror” for instance. Make sure the arrow is pointing to one of the engaged people. The cheesier the better. +10 if it makes a dirty joke.
  4. Make your way to the “Expecting” section and find a book that clearly calls out “I am currently growing a human.” This will be the lady-prop. Actually, it might be a really amusing gentleman-prop.  Crap. We should have thought of that.
  5. Hide this photo. Do not include it in the photo book you make to use as your wedding guest book. Because, seriously, who wants to feel obligated for ever and ever to keep a little white puffy-covered book that has only the first few pages filled with people’s signatures? You’ll want to throw it out because it takes up space. But it’s from your wedding! No, thank you.
  6. Get married. (Or don’t. That’s fine too. I don’t care. But, if you don’t, you just ruined step 5 and now there aren’t 9 steps anymore. Did you even think about that? You have ruined my 9 easy steps. Ruined them. Do you really want to be that kind of person?)
  7. Steel yourself for the coming onslaught of everyone you know demanding that you begin procreating immediately. In fact, because you have included the photo of the bride looking shocked next to the “Sex” section label, the groom’s mother will write something about hurrying up with that already and get her some grandbabies. It won’t be awkward at all. (That’s a total lie by the way. It will be very, very awkward. And it’s in your guestbook/photo album. FOREVER.) Just ignore them all or ask them really personal and embarrassing questions in response. Because, basically asking someone “Are you having unprotected sex?” is pretty dang personal.
  8. Whenever you are ready, go for the gold. Don’t tell anyone if you don’t want to. I told my mother if she asked me when I was going to get pregnant one more time I would not answer the phone anymore. I am not a walking, talking uterus. I also garden and knit.
  9. When the time is right, bust out your carefully prepared photo.

Like so:The Big Announcement

Voila! You I have executed a perfectly planned pregnancy announcement.

Definitely leave me a link if you decide to try it out.

I wrote this post at my favorite pub, Tanglewood Branch, where I did not order a beer.  April seems like a long way away right now.  *sigh*

Weekend Update

We have had pretty eventful weekends for several weekends in a row.  Several weeks ago Daniel and I decided to finally bite the bullet after two years of talking about it and we bought ourselves a couple of kayaks!  The only way I could get myself to do it was to call it our 1 year anniversary present, PLUS my birthday (this month) and Daniel’s birthday in the Fall.

Our sweet friend Grace gave us the car rack for a wedding gift last year. Thanks, Grace!


Luna was very concerned about Daniel out on the lake testing a kayak without her.
If she had stayed in the kayak with Daniel she wouldn’t have been soaking wet and she wouldn’t have had to watch from the shore. That’s where she swam to when she dove off the boat.

So this weekend we finally got the chance to try out the kayaks as well as Luna’s new doggy life-jacket on a float trip with my family.  The river I grew up floating on is about three and a half hours away so we decided to camp too. My uncle and two little cousins camped with us and we had a wonderful time telling scary stories (Hayden promised to “Scare your face off”) and making banana boats. Banana Boats=Banana+chocolate+marshmallows+whatever else you have +tinfoil+campfire.  So fun.

This was the most organized we were going to get for a group shot. That’s my kayak in the front. Isn’t it pretty?


Luna’s 2nd time camping.  She slept without her crate for the first time ever and did great in the tent!


Luna is a great car-rider. But she worries when Daniel is in the gas station.

I don’t have any photos of Luna riding in Daniel’s kayak or mine because our waterproof case broke for the still camera 😦 We’re hoping we can glue the broken piece back together.  I did take the Flip video in its waterproof case so I’ll post the video once I get it edited.  Luna did SUCH a great job for her first float trip!  We all came home exhausted and looking forward to doing it again next weekend for my birthday.

Luna Lovegood–In the fur

My husband is allergic to cats. Generally speaking, they make his throat close up and his nose stops working and he ends up asking someone to please just saw open his head. He failed to mention this to me for a very long time when we started dating. You see, I have a cat. A gorgeous, talkative, fetching (as in: she plays fetch) Siamese mix.

Isn’t she pretty?

She is not a particularly social cat so I was quite surprised when she was suddenly doing a “My Boyfriend is here! My Boyfriend is here!” dance when Daniel started to come over and hang out. I mean hardcore. Like, forget I even existed-why the heck are you looking at me-don’t pet me I’m with my boyfriend right now–levels of love there.

When I first got her as a tiny little kitten at the shelter I had planned for years to get a Siamese and call him/her Suay (pronounced S-way). It means beautiful in Thai and Siamese are Thai cats. But when I got her I just felt like she needed a book name. I like to name my animals after book characters. So Nymphadora Tonks aka Tonks she became.

We like to have a bit of a theme for animal names around here. The Geckos are all named after characters from a show called Firefly except the one we recently adopted from some friends and she already had a name. So when we started discussing possible puppy names we new we wanted a literary character name to match the other mammal pet. We threw around names like Lucy from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe but ultimately decided to stick with Harry Potter. Thus–Luna Lovegood. We ended up picking that because even though she is adorable and looks like an Ewok now, she will be totally Wheaten and blond once she grows up.

I attempted to upload a video but it’s not quite working so here is a picture of our Luna on her trip home with us. I’ll post some more updated pictures soon. She’s at least 3 times this size now.

Where’s the Ring….?

I used to have a blog for approximately 3 days called “Where’s the Ring?” I wrote about a few blind dates and then lost interest. The caption under the heading read:

Whether it’s family members asking me at someone else’s wedding or I’m asking it of myself, this seems to be the question of the hour for a single 27 y/o woman. Why aren’t you married yet?

Between then and now a lot of people have asked me why I’m not married or when am I getting married or “Isn’t it time for you to get married and have some babies?” I’m not 27 anymore. I’ll be 30 in less than 6 months. I’ll also be married in less than 6 months. Um, yah.


More on that lovely story later. It’s Christmas Eve-Eve and I’m off to work for a half day and then home to pack up to head to the family for Christmas. I don’t even really need the Christmas shenanigans this year to be cheerful. I am blissfully happy 🙂 And, yet, I STILL get Christmas presents on top of it all!!!! Merry Christmas to me!!!!