Happy Halloween!

Samuel’s First Halloween!

I tried to take some fantastic seasonal photos on the front porch with my four pumpkins but Samuel-Pumpkin was very serious during our photo shoot.


Cute Pumpkin

This was the closest he came to giving me a smile.


Fall Porch

The composition is a little off on this one, but I really like how you can see the mums and the fallen leaves on the steps.

Family Halloween

Family Costumes!

We took Samuel to Trick-or-Treat on the Square so that we could say we took him for his first Halloween and also to see some friends who were handing out candy. I grabbed a tiny Halloween bag on the way out the door so that we could pretend Samuel was actually trick-or-treating. I always thought it was weird when parents would come to our door for candy carrying only a child that clearly isn’t old enough to eat the candy. I was just looking for a photo op but something lovely happened. People kept sticking candy into Samuel’s little bag with a wink.  One lady put a sucker in for Samuel (no, I’m not letting him have it) and then grabbed a huge handful of candy from her basket and said, “And THIS is for Mommy!” Oh, Bless that woman. Bless her, Bless her Bless her!

Because it’s his first Halloween Samuel has multiple costumes, of course. We Trick-or-Treated at the neighbor’s house with the cutest bee ever. And by Trick-or-Treated I mean we went over and hung out talking for two hours. We haven’t visited with them in a while so it was great to sit and catch up.

Baby Bee

Keeping an eye on Facebook today, I was excited to see everyone’s Halloween costume photos from work. I hadn’t anticipated how much I would miss Halloween in an office! All of the costume contests and special food and excitement. Halloween was always one of my favorite work days so it was definitely a tiny bit sad to be missing out on it all. It occurred to me too late that there is no reason not to do all that stuff at home! So I’m going to start planning now for making Halloween an all day event next year. First item on the list will be wearing my Halloween costume all. day. long. Hurrah for overkill!

NaBloPoMo Fail

And I was doing so well! Twenty days in a row is the longest into November I’ve gone for National Blog Posting Month so I’d say I didn’t do too terribly.  I should have scheduled some posts for the week of Thanksgiving. We were so beat by the time we got to Memphis on Wednesday night that I completely forgot about a post for the day. After that it was just easy to give up for the week and visit with Daniel’s family.

On Thanksgiving Day I got up early with my little cooking schedule and cooked Thanksgiving dinner with the help of Daniel’s Aunt Jan (not to mention her brother who sent up TWO trays of homemade dressing). We planned to eat at noon and the ten of us were digging in at 12:25. Success!

Daniel climbed up in the attic and pulled down the toy box that his grandad made for him when he was little.  It needs a little bit of love to fix a few things and I had to spend some quality time with it and a bottle of Goo Gone to peel off a sticker, but we are so thrilled to be able to have such a meaningful piece in the baby’s room!

Daniel’s childhood toy box. Ready to come home to our nursery.
Goo Gone vs a 25 year old sticker
Scrub Scrub Scrub
I give up. Time to resort to the fingernails.
Success! The leftover rectangle is even kind of a sweet reminder of Tiny Daniel.
What better toy for a kid than the best dog on the planet?

Now we just need to find someone to fix the joints and the bottom.  The toy box isn’t put together with nails, it has something like tongue and groove joints on the edges holding it together, which it neat, but a few are pulling apart. There is a missing brace on the bottom as well so it doesn’t sit evenly right now, but once we get those fixed it is going to be the perfect addition to the nursery. The room is still the guest bedroom full of junk right now but that will be changing next week in Week 2 of our Simplicity Experiment.  Can’t wait!


And so begins Holiday Season 2012

Suddenly the Holiday Season has begun. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I think I have more work events scheduled already than I will have personal social ones. Seriously.  We had one potluck for Thanksgiving and are planning another one sometime after Christmas. Between now and Christmas we will also have a cookie exchange, an Ugly sweater contest day, a Dirty Santa gift exchange, a blood drive (not that I’m participating in THAT one) and an after-hours Christmas party.

In just a few days it will be Thanksgiving and I’ll be cooking lots of food for Daniel’s family (yay!) I love cooking for people. Especially when that gets to be my plans for the day instead of fitting it in with all the other stuff I usually have to do. So we are preparing for that meal and making lists for stuff for us to buy and stuff for Daniel’s dad to pick up and what to take with us for when we’re just hanging out. I will probably spend too much time looking through my knitting books and yarn stash and deciding if I should knit some Christmas presents or baby stuff. Then I will bring way too many projects with me because I KNOW I will get tired of or frustrated with a project if I only bring one or two. I need options!

We’ll also need to get the house company-ready for our Simplicity Experimental Collective meeting Tuesday night. I love having groups meet at our house SO MUCH! It’s so much less stressful for me, I get to welcome people into our home and I don’t have to hurry and figure out what to do for dinner plus it is the best motivation for keeping the place cleaned up! This week we will be discussing what we chose for our “Eliminating Excess” experiment.  Our homework for the week of Thanksgiving is to make a plan. Some will require more of this than others.  Robb (Who wrote a book, by the way) was excited that we aren’t starting to execute our experiments until next week because he was thinking of simplifying to only a few foods (7) to eat for the three weeks we’ll be experimenting and he refused to start during the Thanksgiving Feast.  I don’t blame him. I’ve seen Vanessa’s Thanksgiving Dinner Photos.  Daniel and I have decided to choose “Stuff” as our item of excess to eliminate. We have got to simplify, first of all because we don’t have room for what we have now, let alone a baby. Secondly I just want to bring the baby home to a simpler way of living than we have now. But I hope to get into that in a post on Tuesday. I’m excited and nervous. It’s going to be a wonderful experience, though, I know it.

Where’s the Ring….?

I used to have a blog for approximately 3 days called “Where’s the Ring?” I wrote about a few blind dates and then lost interest. The caption under the heading read:

Whether it’s family members asking me at someone else’s wedding or I’m asking it of myself, this seems to be the question of the hour for a single 27 y/o woman. Why aren’t you married yet?

Between then and now a lot of people have asked me why I’m not married or when am I getting married or “Isn’t it time for you to get married and have some babies?” I’m not 27 anymore. I’ll be 30 in less than 6 months. I’ll also be married in less than 6 months. Um, yah.


More on that lovely story later. It’s Christmas Eve-Eve and I’m off to work for a half day and then home to pack up to head to the family for Christmas. I don’t even really need the Christmas shenanigans this year to be cheerful. I am blissfully happy 🙂 And, yet, I STILL get Christmas presents on top of it all!!!! Merry Christmas to me!!!!