Luna is Two!


I can’t believe our sweet puppy is two! The Christmas before Daniel and I got married we watched this clip on Discovery at his grandmother’s house. I once fostered a wheaten terrier that I rescued from a puppy mill auction, so I knew it was one of the breeds that I’d want if I got a dog again. When I had Thatcher I said I would not be getting another puppy until I lived with someone who would be helping take care of it because I felt so bad about him being home alone so much. Daniel spent the rest of the trip hounding me until I agreed that we could get a wheaten terrier puppy after the wedding. His winning argument was “Don’t you want to be able to have a dog trained by the time we have a baby around?” Well, now we have a baby AND a pretty well-trained dog.

Luna is a joy to have around and we have fairly successfully trained some of the more troublesome Wheaten traits out of her. Namely the Wheaten Greetin’.  While she does still get excited about visitors, she’s pretty good about not actually jumping ON them. And people told us we couldn’t train her not to jump. HA! She also sits, lies down, rolls over, stays, shakes, high fives and does a pretty decent long down. We’re looking forward to doing the Obedience Level II with her at Canine Connection eventually to master some more complicated commands. (PS: We highly recommend their Puppy Preschool class to anyone with a new puppy.)

Soft-coated wheaten terriers make great family pets, great watchdogs, terrible guard dogs (Luna thinks everyone is coming to see her so she’d definitely lick a robber) and loving companions. Their coat, while great for people with allergies, is very high maintenance and their terrier personality means they need lots of gentle but firm training to be manageable. I wouldn’t recommend the breed to anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on their dog. We don’t mind the investment because Luna is the best dog ever and we love having the little muppet as part of our family.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Luna Lovegood!


Daylight Saving Time and other things that make me happy

Two pregnant gals
The only decent photo anyone has taken of me since I started gestating. This is my big belly at 33 weeks 4 days.

Thank you for taking a decent picture of me, Natalie! And, of course, for helping Sara and Heather to throw me the sweetest baby shower ever! If/when two babies in the bellies in this picture get married someday, we will force them to display this photo prominently at the wedding and reception.

It’s after 6pm now and the sun is still out! Under normal circumstances this turn of events does wonders for my mood. In my current (perpetual) state it’s just the pick-me-up I needed. Especially coupled with lovely warm days this Friday and Saturday followed by some much needed rain and the PERFECT baby shower on Sunday.

Friday I was able to hang out in the back yard with Luna after finishing my day of working from the couch. It has been pretty quick trips in and out lately because I hate being cold. Since it was nice out, we took the chance to get outside while Daniel vacuumed as Luna is terrified of the monster that is the Bissel. She ran around to her heart’s content while I picked up a few plastic hanging baskets and other items from last year that didn’t survive the winter and piled them up for the trash or recycling at a garden center like Lowe’s or Home Depot. I can never remember who exactly takes those. It wasn’t much but I felt like I was at least getting something done for once. I was a little sad to think about how I am usually out sweating and working hard to get the yard and garden in spring shape at the first sign of a warm day but I’m a little busy getting something else into shape and ready for a Spring debut so I guess I shouldn’t be too sad 🙂

Saturday morning was warm enough to open up all the windows for the first time in so very many months. I just kept saying, “It smells SO GOOD in here!” I dusted in the living room while Daniel did a ton other chores because all I could do was dust a shelf and then sit and rest for a million years, whining the whole time about being out of breath and being shocked at how tired the simplest tasks make me or holding ice packs to my feet. It was beautiful nonetheless because the windows were open and the heat was off and I was actually doing something to get the house ready for the impending baby as well as for COMPANY!  My dear  friend Becky (see the hot mama in the photo above) called me on Thursday to tell me that she and her lovely husband Paul would be here on Saturday morning to visit and come to my baby shower.  I didn’t even remember that I had put her on the invite list. 0_o THAT is some serious baby brain. You see, Becky is ALSO pregnant (My best friend and I are having our first babies at the same time. How insanely awesome is that?) and I had thought about just inviting her to my family “meet the baby” shower in May since she lives in Missouri so it wouldn’t be so far for her to drive. But I had also gone on to think “Well, I’ll invite her and then call her and tell her not to worry about coming,” but I apparently never got around to that conversation. Thank goodness! Becky was insistent that we have some time together before we have our babies and I’m so glad. We had a wonderful time gabbing and comparing bumps and pregnancy symptoms and just enjoying each other’s company.

I was completely exhausted by yesterday evening but it was a fantastic weekend and I feel a little recharged and ready to face the next several weeks. Things are starting to come together so I will have more to say other than “I worked from my couch all week and went to the Dr twice. As usual.” I mean to post some thoughts on our “birth plan” (those unnecessary quotes are intentional) and our doula and on the spare bedroom that looks more like a nursery than not these days.

I didn’t mean to make this into a Mommy/Pregnancy blog, but that’s pretty much my life at the moment. As much as I’d love to do other things, growing this little stinker & dealing with my pregnancy related health issues are about all I have the energy for. Everything else is definitely dogeared for now. The subtle changes outside calling out the transition from Winter to Spring give me a little clarity that I am in a certain season in my life and, like all other seasons, there will be change. This too shall pass and I will have something pretty cool at the end of this season to mark the beginning of a new and exciting one.

NaBloPoMo Fail

And I was doing so well! Twenty days in a row is the longest into November I’ve gone for National Blog Posting Month so I’d say I didn’t do too terribly.  I should have scheduled some posts for the week of Thanksgiving. We were so beat by the time we got to Memphis on Wednesday night that I completely forgot about a post for the day. After that it was just easy to give up for the week and visit with Daniel’s family.

On Thanksgiving Day I got up early with my little cooking schedule and cooked Thanksgiving dinner with the help of Daniel’s Aunt Jan (not to mention her brother who sent up TWO trays of homemade dressing). We planned to eat at noon and the ten of us were digging in at 12:25. Success!

Daniel climbed up in the attic and pulled down the toy box that his grandad made for him when he was little.  It needs a little bit of love to fix a few things and I had to spend some quality time with it and a bottle of Goo Gone to peel off a sticker, but we are so thrilled to be able to have such a meaningful piece in the baby’s room!

Daniel’s childhood toy box. Ready to come home to our nursery.
Goo Gone vs a 25 year old sticker
Scrub Scrub Scrub
I give up. Time to resort to the fingernails.
Success! The leftover rectangle is even kind of a sweet reminder of Tiny Daniel.
What better toy for a kid than the best dog on the planet?

Now we just need to find someone to fix the joints and the bottom.  The toy box isn’t put together with nails, it has something like tongue and groove joints on the edges holding it together, which it neat, but a few are pulling apart. There is a missing brace on the bottom as well so it doesn’t sit evenly right now, but once we get those fixed it is going to be the perfect addition to the nursery. The room is still the guest bedroom full of junk right now but that will be changing next week in Week 2 of our Simplicity Experiment.  Can’t wait!


Goodbye, Daylight Saving Time. I will miss you so.

Today  was a nice lazy day with a few moments of productivity. We stayed in bed until around 9 or so and only finally got around because neither one of us could breath. Stinking allergies. I have found that my best mornings are Saturday mornings.  Getting lots of sleep and getting to wake up when my body is good and ready definitely gives me less nausea.  So today has been a pretty decent day as far as that goes. Hopefully the extra hour of sleep tonight will help me out tomorrow. As much as I hate to see Daylight Saving Time go and it depresses me to drive home form work in the dark, at least I’ll get a little extra sleep tonight.

We made a run to our local healthy pet food store to get dog and cat food and found that they aren’t carrying Luna’s dog treats anymore. All of the ones they do carry are pretty expensive since they are made with high quality ingredients and are considered “specialty” treats. Part of that is just that the demand isn’t high enough for them to be making huge amounts like the brands they sell at Walmart so they don’t get the bulk production cost savings and part (probably most) of it is that people are willing to spend more if they are the type of people worried about the ingredients in their dog biscuits.  I’m definitely worried about our pets’ food and treat ingredients but, as we all know, I am also a giant tightwad. So I decided now would be a good opportunity to try making homemade biscuits for Luna.

As it turns out, you can make them from pumpkin and it’s really good for dog tummies. Luna is kind of a barfy dog AND we had a Cinderella pumpkin getting soft that needed to be used.  Win/Win. So I baked up a pumpkin today and tomorrow I’ll be making some dog biscuits from scratch.  If it ends up not being too much of a hassle and Luna likes them it will be much cheaper than buying them from the healthy pet store and healthier than buying them from Walmart.

Wish me luck!

Weekend Update

We have had pretty eventful weekends for several weekends in a row.  Several weeks ago Daniel and I decided to finally bite the bullet after two years of talking about it and we bought ourselves a couple of kayaks!  The only way I could get myself to do it was to call it our 1 year anniversary present, PLUS my birthday (this month) and Daniel’s birthday in the Fall.

Our sweet friend Grace gave us the car rack for a wedding gift last year. Thanks, Grace!


Luna was very concerned about Daniel out on the lake testing a kayak without her.
If she had stayed in the kayak with Daniel she wouldn’t have been soaking wet and she wouldn’t have had to watch from the shore. That’s where she swam to when she dove off the boat.

So this weekend we finally got the chance to try out the kayaks as well as Luna’s new doggy life-jacket on a float trip with my family.  The river I grew up floating on is about three and a half hours away so we decided to camp too. My uncle and two little cousins camped with us and we had a wonderful time telling scary stories (Hayden promised to “Scare your face off”) and making banana boats. Banana Boats=Banana+chocolate+marshmallows+whatever else you have +tinfoil+campfire.  So fun.

This was the most organized we were going to get for a group shot. That’s my kayak in the front. Isn’t it pretty?


Luna’s 2nd time camping.  She slept without her crate for the first time ever and did great in the tent!


Luna is a great car-rider. But she worries when Daniel is in the gas station.

I don’t have any photos of Luna riding in Daniel’s kayak or mine because our waterproof case broke for the still camera 😦 We’re hoping we can glue the broken piece back together.  I did take the Flip video in its waterproof case so I’ll post the video once I get it edited.  Luna did SUCH a great job for her first float trip!  We all came home exhausted and looking forward to doing it again next weekend for my birthday.

Luna Lovegood–In the fur

My husband is allergic to cats. Generally speaking, they make his throat close up and his nose stops working and he ends up asking someone to please just saw open his head. He failed to mention this to me for a very long time when we started dating. You see, I have a cat. A gorgeous, talkative, fetching (as in: she plays fetch) Siamese mix.

Isn’t she pretty?

She is not a particularly social cat so I was quite surprised when she was suddenly doing a “My Boyfriend is here! My Boyfriend is here!” dance when Daniel started to come over and hang out. I mean hardcore. Like, forget I even existed-why the heck are you looking at me-don’t pet me I’m with my boyfriend right now–levels of love there.

When I first got her as a tiny little kitten at the shelter I had planned for years to get a Siamese and call him/her Suay (pronounced S-way). It means beautiful in Thai and Siamese are Thai cats. But when I got her I just felt like she needed a book name. I like to name my animals after book characters. So Nymphadora Tonks aka Tonks she became.

We like to have a bit of a theme for animal names around here. The Geckos are all named after characters from a show called Firefly except the one we recently adopted from some friends and she already had a name. So when we started discussing possible puppy names we new we wanted a literary character name to match the other mammal pet. We threw around names like Lucy from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe but ultimately decided to stick with Harry Potter. Thus–Luna Lovegood. We ended up picking that because even though she is adorable and looks like an Ewok now, she will be totally Wheaten and blond once she grows up.

I attempted to upload a video but it’s not quite working so here is a picture of our Luna on her trip home with us. I’ll post some more updated pictures soon. She’s at least 3 times this size now.