Monthly Baby Photo Shoot – Samuel is 2 months old!

I can’t believe how fast my baby boy is growing! It was a few days late, but I’m still impressed that I successfully took and edited some two month photos. Can I get a round of applause for follow-through? His three month will be on the 4th of July and I’m excited to take his picture in the little red, white and blue outfits his Aunt Jo and Great Great got him. For comparison of his weed-like growing, here are his one month and two month teddy bear perspective shots.

1 month vs 2 monthHis cheeks are definitely chubbier. I’ve had to put away quite a few of his little outfits because he’s already outgrown them! *sniff sniff* My big, long two-month-old is now wearing his 3-6 month clothes. I will really miss some of his sweet little Newborn outfits. He has grown about two inches and gained probably 5lbs+ by now. Samuel was almost 22 inches long and 11lbs 1oz almost two weeks ago at his check-up. As much as I miss my tiny little new guy, it’s so fun to watch him develop his personality. He started to really smile at us a few weeks ago and now he is a grinning machine on the verge of laughing. He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious when I ask him if he is a Bad, Bad Baby. We have also discovered that he has a ticklish tummy.

Samuel Collage

His sleeping has improved and he consistently goes down for one 5-6hr stretch almost every night. For this I am very grateful. IMG_6319editedLuna runs up to Samuel whenever he cries so she can check on him. We think she is still judging us to be ill-fit parents since we never lick him. “Poor bald puppy,” she is thinking.

IMG_6317editedHe has been napping in his bassinet in the living room or in his swing during the day (although the motor in the swing is about to die on us so that may change depending on whether or not we decide to get a new swing or stick with the bouncy chair) and he sleeps in his cradle next to our bed at night. I think he’s about to outgrow the bassinet, though.

IMG_6335editedHe does get tired of me taking his picture after a while.


Monthly Baby Photo Shoot – Samuel is 1 month old!

This is totally late, but I can’t believe my boy is a month old! He’s growing so fast. I’m loving each new step he takes but it makes me kind of sad to see him start to grow out of his sweet little newborn outfits. One of the new goals I have set for myself is to learn to use our Canon Powershot to its fullest capabilities. That way I’ll either learn that I am not cut out for taking and editing good pictures or I’ll have validation to buy a nice SLR. So when Samuel hit the 4 week mark, I took a bunch of photos of him trying different angles and settings and edited them with Adobe Photoshop Express online.  I figured out some good natural lighting in the nursery and I was able to get  few shots that I’m actually pretty proud of. What a sweet boy.

Samuel 1 month 3 Samuel 1 month 4 Samuel 1 month 5 Samuel 1 month 1

Welcome, Samuel Andrew!

Samuel Andrew

Samuel Andrew
7lbs 5ozs
20 inches long

Virtue Toes


Mama and baby are doing fine, just tired and recovering from an unexpected c-section. Detailed updates to come when I can do more than feed this gorgeous lad or stare at my unrecognizable feet in awe that anything could swell that much after not having a stitch of swelling during my entire pregnancy. In the meantime, enjoy the above photo as a contrast to show that Samuel got my regular Virtue toes and big long feet. They are absurd on a baby and I just want to smother them with kisses.

Retroactive Baby Update

This poor kid. I fear that, after this day and age of people documenting every little thing, our kid is going to come home from school some day and ask, eyes filled with confused tears, why THEY don’t have a snazzy memory book filled with weekly updates of their gestation and belly pictures of me.  “Didn’t you love me, Mama? Didn’t you WANT me?” they’ll ask with a shaking voice. I’ll have to reply, “Oh, sweetie.  Mama was afraid that if she wrote it all down she’d actually remember what it was like and then never have another baby ever again.” Plus it would have been really boring. But, just in case it will save me some time and maybe therapy money down the road, here is a quick recap of the past 6 months.

Weeks 4-8: Shhhhh! Nobody knows about the baby other than a few people at work who have noticed Mama’s constant emergency trips to the bathroom. Mama doesn’t look any fatter. Probably because she’s either barfing or trying not to barf every second of every day.

Week 9: Granny and Pike know! They are very excited. Mama’s pants are starting to get tight but she’s still barfing barfing barfing. She can’t wait for the first trimester to be over so she can quit barfing. Also she hasn’t pooped in two weeks and she’s not too thrilled about that.

Week 12: First trimester is over! We’ve announced our happy news on Facebook and on Mama’s blog. Still barfing but the Dr. says that will definitely be gone by week 15. There are also many naps at this point. Growing a human is exhausting!

Week 15: Mama’s Dr. is a lying sack of poo.  Mama would like to punch her real hard but it would probably make Mama barf. Everything else does. Mama is starting to feel little somethings in her belly but she’s not sure if it’s baby or if she just needs to toot.

Week 20: Mama only barfs first thing in the morning now! Or if she waits too long to eat. Or if she smells something weird. Baby movements are clear at this point and sometimes Daddy can even feel little movements from the outside. He says it feels like Mama has gas. He’s so sweet. We had an anatomy scan and it looks like the baby is coming along nicely with everything where it is supposed to be. Only the ultrasound tech knows the sex, not even Mama’s lying Dr. knows because, on top of lying about morning sickness, she also apparently can’t keep a secret.

Week 23: Mama had a strange pain the day after Christmas that went something like this: Back spasm? Braxton Hicks? Dear Lord I’m dying something is wrong call the Dr. NOW!!!!! Turns out Mama has a kidney stone (or a bunch, who knows?). And kidney stones hurt real bad, mmkay? Lots of water, heating pads, scalding hot baths and the occasional guilt-ridden pain pill are helping Mama endure the pain that some people are telling her is worse than childbirth. Mama didn’t want to take the pills at all but she was no match for a worried Daddy AND visiting Granny and Pike. If they discover later that they cause some horrible birth defect like being allergic to chocolate, you can blame your Granny. Also, the not pooping is back. What the heck?

Week 24: Mama saw her Dr. this week and her Dr. basically said “Yah, nothing we can do. Suck it up.” So Mama cried in her car for a long time then drove home where she pretty much cried the rest of the night. Because having kidney stones when you are pregnant sucks the big one. She would rather be moving furniture out of the guest bedroom to get ready to set up the nursery but instead she’s stuck on the couch attached to her heating pad most of the time.

So there you are, sweet child of mine. That takes care of the first 6 months of your existence. I will try to remember to do a weekly update on Thursday or Friday every week for the rest of your stay in my belly so you don’t have to feel like a total outcast among your pretentious little hipster spawn classmates with their fancy “When I was a zygote” storybooks. Night Night!