Simplicity-An Experimental Collective

Tonight we welcomed some old and some new friends from Vintage Fellowship into our home to begin our Simplicity Experimental Collective.  We will be focusing on getting rid of excess for the next 6 weeks. Our inspiration for this topic was the book “7: An experimental mutiny against excess” by Jen Hatmaker. Jen took 7 areas and focused on them each for a month at a time over 7 months.  As we will only be focusing on action for 4 weeks we will each pick one area to concentrate on.  We aren’t confining ourselves to her topics, but many of us will likely choose from the following areas: clothes, shopping, wast, stress, media, possessions or food.  One goal of our experiment will be to find what resources we gain by eliminating the excess in one area of our life. Then we will hopefully find a way to use that resource to help others or ourselves.

I really am not sure which area will end up with my focus. Definitely not food.  There is no way I’m putting unnecessary dietary restrictions on myself at this point.  Clothes is a good one in that I could definitely pare down to 7 items of clothing for 4 weeks. Especially as I continue to grow out of my current clothing. I might do this one anyway but it won’t really challenge me to limit my wardrobe. I’m not much of a clothes horse and you won’t find a bunch of items of clothing in my closet with the tags still on.  Shoot, most of them didn’t have tags when I bought them because I got them at Goodwill or a resale shop. I’m no fashionista, that’s for sure.

Waste is one area I want to do better with, but we discussed not doing our experiments out of guilt and that’s definitely why I would be going hard-core on the recycling.  I’m leaning toward media at the moment because it does seem to take up so much of my time.  We watch something on Hulu or Netflix almost every day after work and it really eats up the evenings.  We have our dinner in front of tv shows instead of facing one-another and having conversations. Even if I don’t have the energy after work to clean or organize or work on projects, it would probably  be good for me to relax and read and get to bed early instead of staying up late to watch tv and then write a blog post and getting to bed much later than I planned.

Our homework for the week is to skim Jen’s book “7” and maybe do a little journaling to identify the area that we would like to concentrate on.  So I have some pondering to do this week.

I am excited to see what this Collective will bring and so thrilled to be concentrating on Simplicity as we enter into this Holiday season that definitely the opposite of simple in our American culture today. It’s going to be a challenging and wonderful 6 weeks!

Author: TheVirtue

I'm a procrastinator and a busy bee just trying to focus and simplify my life. I hang out with my wonderful husband, dog and cat, knit, sew, bake, garden and overthink everything all while I'm busy growing a person.

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